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How I use ChatGPT as an AI Assist?


I have also been thinking about AI Assist. ChatGPT is too good and it can help me with a lot of things. For instance,


  • Finding improvements to my blog. “How can I improve: {text}”. I might also add in more context: “Make this more professional: {text}”.
  • This is what I used yesterday to improve my LinkedIn bio and description. It was too baby like.

This would be an excellent first, reviewer. And reduce feedback time by a lot.

The main way I want to use it is to teach me rather than do it itself. So, I would prefer the asking “How can I improve this text: {text}” over “Improve this: {text}?”

This is because I want to be better myself. And not rely on an automated tool all the time. So, ChatGPT becomes a self improvement and clarity improvement and learning tool.


  • ChatGPT can also summarise really well, and since I have really long blogposts and really long morning pages, I think that summarisation would make things really nice.
  • Maybe I can also have my week summarised by passing it my weekly journaling. The problem here is that I can’t pass private data, rather I should not pass.
  • The summary feature is also available in Google Chat, where it summarizes the most useful points.


I can ask ChatGPT for explanation of things or for debugging. Finally, it is a corpus of entire human insights.

Explain me like I am 5 or comparing one thing to another on a particular aspect are excellent questions to ask.

I think AI is revolutionising us. This is really really huge. And I really love being a part of this. I totally understand, the disruption this is causing and going to cause is much much more than we anticipated, and it’s only going to get started. Jobs would evolve and have to evolve because that’s the only way to stay relevant.

This is just 2023, what would happen in upcoming years? Damn. It’s a fun time to be alive.---So that was all about ChatGPT, I have asked it many personal questions that I wouldn’t have asked to anyone. And it has helped me a lot. Thank you OpenAI. I hope I can contribute to the world in as useful way and you do.

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