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Core Attributes

Developing better instinctive reactions to unknown situations

What are Core Attributes? How they differ from Values

Core values are principles that you consciously choose and live by. Core values simplify decision-making and are relatively easy to implement.

However, sometimes it requires effort to consciously choose a value. For example: during an Argument.

At such moments, we need an instinctive reaction that improves the situation. It may not be perfect, but it defines the kind of person we are.

They are our Core Attributes.

What are Core Attributes?

Core Attributes are habits we develop consciously or unconsciously that define our reactions.

Core Attributes are trainable and can be improved over time consciously. In situations, we almost already know what our reaction will be.

In a Thinking Fast and Slow sense, core values are thinking slow, and core attributes are thinking fast.

Like Core Values, core attributes can be constructive or destructive. For example: expressing anger is healthy. But actually, being angry is unhealthy.

Core attributes are measurable on personality tests like the Big 5.

Attributes are easier for others to recognize.

What are some examples of core attributes?

Good Attributes

Calm: Can be trained by meditating. Focused: Can be trained by saying no often. Patience: Can be trained by consciously choosing a hard path. Anti-Fragility: #betterThanResilence. Can be trained by a mix of being calm and being effective.

Bad Attributes

Laziness: Find the easy path. Pessimism: Finding faults in random things.


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