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Getting out of the house is the way you become a responsible ball of energy.


Our body has certain non-negotiable needs. Fulfilling these needs satisfies us and let’s us perform at our best. Not fulfilling those needs makes us fail at areas that we are “supposed” to be good at. For instance,

  • if we don’t eat properly, we’ll feel tired.
  • if we don’t sleep properly, we’ll feel agitated and highly emotional.

Similarly, if we don’t get out of the house, our body would be fulfilled it’s non-negotiable need for sunlight, movement and social connection.

This post explores why we should get out of the house on a daily basis, what we should do and also why we should learn to stay away from our family for a minimum time.

Comparing the old times with current

In the modern age, we are able to get everything delivery instantly. All our instant gratification are fulfilled by modern services. Shopping apps and delivery apps are the one here. At the same time, Work- From-Home culture increased during the Corona Pandemic. This further pushed us towards sitting at home more often than we used to.

Before the pandemic, we’d go out to work. For me, this was a 2 hours one way trip to my office 30KM away. While traveling, I found space to read books, listen to podcasts and just sit and think. The travel also kept my body stronger, especially when I would stand on Trains. Mumbai Trains can make anyone stronger.

This travel time was a fixed context and a routine, that took me away from home and the complication of home to office which was designed for work. So, even if I don’t have my room clean, the only time I’ll reface a problem with an unclean room is when I reach back home. For most of the day, I’ll be sitting in an organized clean office.

Once I come back home, the travel time would provide a natural break that would get me relaxed. To adjust to the travel time, I’d go to the gym early in the morning. This forced me to wake up at 6AM daily.

Now, many of us have gotton into habit of just sitting at home. Initially, this was great and we felt the benefits of freed up travel time. We used that time to learn how to cook, learn new hobbies, connect with family, etc. But slowly, the [modern-weapons and our ancient-mind][Blogpost Planned] got onto us, and we became lazier.

Now, we are more likely to stay at home than to go out to gym, we are more likely to waste time than to do something productive, we don’t get sunlight more often, etc.

What does it do to our physical health?

Human body is made to move. Moving makes our muscles tired, leading to better sleep at night.

Moving physically is how our body releases stress during flight or fight. Because flight or fight is literally a physical action.

Moving and getting enough sun ☀️ is also how our body produces enough growth hormones.

What does it do to our mental health?

Going outside and looking at the world is the best way to grow.

We find different unique obstacles.

We find that we can take on unseen challenges.

That we can talk to different people and gain from their experiences.

Going outside keeps us stimulated.

It keeps us away from loneliness.

What are the things we notice once we are outside the house?

Once you go outside and come back, you’ll find people in your home who haven’t been going outside enough to be too different.

Many of them are half depressed and won’t even realize it.

It’s a relatively sad dull house with low energy.

And then you come home and feel like a ball of energy.

You inspire others and make them move. They may not be at their 100% but they’ll be at some percent better.


During the pandemic, many of us got into an habit of just sitting at home.

We let laziness creep in slowly. And now we think it’s something normal. But it’s not normal.

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