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How to plan mid-day?


The mid day is the time where you can be the most active. This is ideally, 1.5 hours after waking up.

To make mid day a success, it’s best to have completed the morning ritual. If the morning ritual is not complete find the best parts of the morning ritual to complete. The morning ritual can provide you with great focus.

Also, as part of night ritual, your room and setup might already be clean and ready to work.

Now, you can divide the mid-day into two parts—first half and second half.

The first half is pre-lunch. This is where you’ll likely be the most active. Fix your lunch time to around 1:30.

My daily standup starts at 9. And I pay attention to it. It’s a great time for me to learn what’s happening in the team and note down concepts that I don’t know.

I also spend time learning a few minutes glancing at things I don’t know. And discussing any impediments I have.

You can work between 10 to 1. 3 hours. This would include a 2 hours pomodoro sprint. This activity is chosen carefully and is a part where no learning is required.

If I need to learn something, I can watch youtube videos or open up documentation. But remember this time is protected. No one should distract me between 10 to 1.

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