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Nihilism of The Modern Age. And Traditional Roles to the Rescue.

Why traditional roles of men and women are relevant?

What are the traditional roles of a man and woman? And why they are relevant? In a world of narcissism, nihilism, and pleasure, many are tempted to believe that this is all life has to offer. That’s until they decide to take responsibility. They stop being all talk and convert their potential to actuality.

Along that path comes a point. What to do?

We have already covered your needs. One of two types of responsibility a human should adopt.

This post will provide a guide to needs to do i.e. duties. Duties are a traditional synonym for responsibility.

Why we should look at traditional roles?

The more you look at the history and the past, the more you can see the future. ~ Winston Churchil.

Things that have worked for several years have value in them. It’s not always the case that what’s new has value.

In our case, around 100 years ago, most of humanity lived in extreme poverty. So, before 100 years ago, most humans were adapted to a world where they had to work on their duties.

In these times, each person tried to adapt to their best skill. And similarly, men and women adapted to the skill that suited them the best.

Men are usually stronger physically. This made them good at jobs like being a soldier and building buildings.

Women are usually physically less strong and have a kind nature. This made them good at caring for and managing households.

Both men and women worked together to build our modern world today.

The most important thing was that they “had” to do their duties and as well as possible. In the modern world, most duties have become optional or are at least perceived to be optional. This optionality results in a lack of purpose for most people. People don’t know what to do. So they opt for what’s available, momentary pleasure and are in a pit of nihilism.

The pre-modern world provides a much much better alternative. Traditional roles provides the purpose of life that modern alternatives do not. Even if you are modern, if you feel lost then start here with the traditional. Then adapt your plans over time.

Implementing The Traditional Roles

Before jumping further, here is the mindset you should develop.

Start with at least what’s your strength, if you are masculine, pick traditional masculine duties first. If you are feminine, pick traditionally feminine duties first.

Once you are set in one role, start picking up things from the other role.

There is no-problem in picking being caring as a man or being a provider as a women. But try starting with your duties first as these may come much more naturally to you.

Duties of a man

A man has three duties:

  1. Provide
  2. Protect
  3. Problem Solve

Suppose you were living in a jungle in 1600s, what would you do.

You would provide for your family, protect them from dangerous and solve problems like shelter by building a house.

To provide, a man must be useful enough. In the modern world being useful enough means providing the world what it wants. #capatalism (I love capitalism).

To protect, a man must be strong physically and must be strong mentally to face the problems that come up.

In the modern world, there seems to be no-need for such strength, but it seems useless not to have such physical and mental strength. This conclusion is because we still have protection duties. Going down an alley and a thief with a knife shows up. What would you do? Would you panic or would you handle the situation calmly. Therefore, a man must develop his physical body well to be useful in any situation and his mental strength as well so that he can face obstacles that come.

To problem solve, a man must be learn, not give up and be-humble enough to adapt to the situations. Many times this means facing the void of not knowing anything, but trying anyways.

Duties of a women

A woman has three duties.

  1. Nurture
  2. Feed
  3. Care

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