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Why we should strive to tell the truth always?


Living and speaking your truth makes you free

Why lie when you can tell the truth and be free? And will it make things better? That’s a double bonus.

Telling the truth is acceptance of how things really are

We are always asked to accept reality as it is. Acceptance helps us get clearer, helping us make better decisions and avoid traps.

Truth always comes in the long run.

No matter what you do, the truth will eventually come out.

Your body can feel when you are lying

When you lie or do something untruthful, your body reacts. Let’s say you hate something, and you are not saying it. You’ll develop resentment and stress.

If we are not truthful, someone else will suffer

The cost of lying isn’t something we always bear in the short term. Sometimes it’s others. Suppose you go to a doctor, and he doesn’t tell you that you might be at risk of a deadly disease and that now is a good time to avoid drinking. What impact would it have on you?

Living and speaking truthfully orients you properly

If you can’t lie, you’ll be hesitant to slack off at work if you want to face daily standup the next day. Thus, orienting you to become a better person and get the work done. Or it’ll help you solve the problem that makes you avoid your work.

If you can’t live a lie, you won’t cheat on exams, orienting you properly to become the kind of person that will pass the exam.

Remember this always, if you speak the truth and act in truthful ways, the world will arrange itself in the best possible manner to you.
If you lie or don’t live truthfully, the world will arrange in the worst possible manager.

Truth is a shield. That survives scrutiny

That protects you against lies of any kind.

Truth and peace are directly correlated. One increases or decreases another.

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