• 🔭 Truth over Fog
  • 🦾 Strength over Weakness
  • 🍃 Systems O(n) over Bruteforce O(n^3)
  • 💎 Quality over Quantity
  • 👥 Team over Lone Wolf
  Anti-Value Noun Form Decision Making Question Adverb Makes Me Comparitive
Clarity Fake Clear What would a clear person do? Truthful Clarity A clear thinker Clarity over Fog
Responsibility Avoidance Responsible What would a responsible person do?   Reliable and dependable Responsibility over Instant-Gratification; Strength over Weakness
Inputs Infinite Choices Focused What would a focused person do? Filtered Inputs   Quality over Quantity
Systems Bruteforce Methodical What would a methodical person do? Optimized System   Systems O(n) over Bruteforce O(n^3)
Time Wasted Punctual What would a punctual person do? Productive use of time    
Peace Hedonism Calm What would a calm person do?     Long Term Peace over Short Term
Team Work Lone Wolf Team Player What would a team player do?     Team over Lone Wolf