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You can have good intentions but still do the wrong things. So, keep moving towards good action too.



Why sometimes having good intentions is not enough?

You can be a good person. But that’s always debatable. But to cut it short, you probably have good intentions and usually make good decisions.

But this doesn’t mean having good intent = good decision. But having good intentions is 50% of the battle.

Good intentions make you more likely to make a good decision.

And if you are moving towards a bad action or have already half done the bad action, you can #courseCorrect. Or at least have a greater intention to course correct.

Identifying this disconnect between good intentions and good action is very hard. You might have really good intentions of telling the truth, but rather than being kind, you lashed out, making things bad and useless.

Therefore you must always be searching and moving towards good action.

Why you don’t know the right action yet? And what should you do about it?

You can’t be paralyzed by perfection. You need to keep moving forward. Leave things not perfect and move towards doing other things well.

Eventually, you’ll have all other parts done and will have improved in the process.

You need to become responsible and develop skills to get there.

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