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Stress is the root cause of all health problem. Fix it.


Identifying stress?

Stress can have serious effects on health.

  • First digestive problems.
  • Hormonal health.
  • Pelvic health.
  • Auto immune conditions

When you are stressed, your body sends blood to brain and legs. Fight or flight.

Therefore blood flows from other areas that are non essential to f or flught.

But if you are cronically stressed, this can have a huge effect on you.

If you are depressed, imagine what a depression person looks like and what he does. Then do everything opposite.

What to do when you are stressed?

Take a step back and go for a walk

Take a step back and breathe slowly and deeply

Realise that you are most likely okay.

Hungry? Sleepy? Etc

If you are having digestive problems. Sit in the toilet for live a lot of hours until that stomach gets cleared.

When you exercise, feel that area where you feel stress.

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